Lincoln: MyKey is Smarter Than Your Key

June 21st, 2018 by

MyKey Technology is taking luxury to a new standard

The New Normal

Car keys: clanging and fumbling are a distant memory with Lincoln’s sleek intelligent key. The simplistic use of the past is gone. With Lincoln’s modern car key, unlocking and driving your Lincoln is simple and secure. Enjoy the ease of driving with Lincoln’s Intelligent access key and MyKey technology.

Intelligent Access Key

This technology allows Lincoln drivers to unlock their vehicle, hop in, and start driving without fumbling for your keys. It also allows you to turn off the ignition, lock up, and get going in the same fashion. How? The key fob recognizes the vehicle and allows you to lock, unlock, and start the ignition within a specific range.

To unlock the vehicle, it depends on the model you own, you can simply open the door as you would if it were unlocked; put your hand inside the handle, wait a split second, and open the door. To lock, simply touch the ridges on top of the door handle.

Starting the vehicle is no problem. It’s a push-button start so you compress the brake and press the start button. If you leave the vehicle with the ignition on or key inside, an audible sound will remind you to turn the vehicle off and/or take the key with you. The doors will not lock with the key still inside.

Is the Intelligent Access Key Secure?

Absolutely! In order for the key to work, and continue working, it has to be within 3 feet of the vehicle. In order to start the vehicle, the fob must be inside. This reduces the risk of theft and forgetting keys at home.

The key is programmed to work only with your vehicle. If you lose it, you must contact Capital Lincoln to replace it.

What if the Key is Dead or Loses Connection?

If the key is not connected due to battery or bad connection, you can use the embedded physical key hidden inside the fob. Depending on your key type, it will be removable from the bottom or the back so you can still get into your vehicle. In order to use the physical key blade, you must remove the cap from the door handle and insert the key into the slot on the bottom of the handle.

Lincoln MyKey fob has a hidden key in case the fob loses connection or battery life.

Lincoln MyKey fob has a hidden key in case the fob loses connection or battery life.

Each Lincoln has a specific reconnecting space in the vehicle. This could be a pocket in the centre console, the glove box, or a slot in the cupholder made just for the fob. Check your owner’s manual or salesperson to be sure.

Lincoln MyKey Technology

If you’re teaching a young driver the ropes, MyKey is an exceptional way to ensure the driver is safe while behind the wheel. MyKey safety features allow you to set audio and speed limits to encourage positive driving habits. In addition, the Belt-Minder warning chimes and mutes the audio system until the seat belts are buckled. The low-fuel warning also lights up sooner to give the young driver more notice if the fuel is starting to deplete.


The Lincoln MyKey technology is just one of the incredible features driving the Lincoln luxury brand to the top. Experience a Lincoln today!

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