The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

March 20th, 2018 by

Lincoln Nautilus

Later this year, the Lincoln MKX will become the Lincoln Nautilus. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you didn’t know, the MKX is the larger of Lincoln’s two five-seat crossovers. I hardly need to tell you that Crossovers are highly important in today’s market. They account for the majority of most brands’ sales. And the MKX is Lincoln’s best-selling vehicle, so ensuring that it looks good and boasts the latest features is crucial. And, although the name is changing, that focus is not.

The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

The Lincoln Nautilus is set to receive a number of improvements to remain competitive with best luxury SUVs. For power, buyers will have a choice between a turbocharged 2.0L engine with 245 horsepower and a 2.7L V6 with 335 horsepower and 380 lb/ft of torque. Other updates will consist mostly of aesthetic and technological improvements.

Most noticeably, the Lincoln Nautilus will be the latest vehicle from the lineup to incorporate the new design language. In other words, it gets the new signature Lincoln grille and sharp LED headlights which help the front fascia resemble the Lincoln Navigator. And that’s a very good thing. From the apex, at the top of the windshield, the roof slopes back subtly toward the rear fascia. Overall, even though this is technically just a facelift, the Nautilus is sleeker and more athletic than the MKX which preceded it. It doesn’t hurt that the Nautilus gets an available Panoramic Vista roof and 21-inch spiral wheels that resemble the shape from which its name is derived.

New Technology

But the Nautilus isn’t just better looking – it’s also much smarter thanks to a suite of new technology. LED headlamps, which are more powerful, dependable, and efficient than halogens, are now standard. They also project a brighter, whiter beam. Lincoln’s new crossover also features standard wireless charging for your mobile device. However, the most significant technological upgrade is the available Adaptive Cruise Control.

To use Adaptive Cruise Control, you just set a preferred cruising speed on the highway. Then, the Nautilus maintains it automatically. If you encounter traffic, it slows to keep you a safe distance back. When the traffic clears, you return to your original speed. Unlike other Adaptive Cruise Control systems, the Nautilus’ includes Lane Centering technology which automatically keeps you in your lane, and Evasive Steer Assist which is capable of veering around obstacles for you.

Revel Audio

On the more fun side of things, is the Revel audio system in the new Nautilus. Revel is the exclusive audio partner of the Lincoln Motor Company and offers 13 or 19-speaker systems. The collaboration between Revel and Lincoln is intensive. The automaker doesn’t merely slap a Revel badge on its speakers. Instead, the two companies work together to position each custom-engineered speaker so that each note hits your ears at the right moment – no matter where you’re seated in the cabin. Although it’s difficult to explain the difference between an exceptional and merely good audio system, you can trust me when I say that Revel provides the former in the 2019 Nautilus.

The new Lincoln Nautilus will be available later this year. Click here to explore the 2018 MKX