Complimentary Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan

Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan (“LMPP”) includes all required scheduled maintenance

(as per each vehicle’s Owner’s Guide) for the duration and distance coverage as selected by the vehicle owner, calculated from Warranty Start Date/zero (0) km, whichever occurs first (the “Term”);

Plus coverage for 6 wear items:

1) Brake pads and linings (max. of 1 set every 60,000km), Brake rotors (max. of 1 set every 60,000km),
2) Engine belts,
3) hoses and hose clamps,
4) Shock absorbers,
5) Spark plugs,
6) Wiper blades (max. of 2 sets per year) for the same Term, due to normal wear or defect.

LMPP must be purchased on Lincoln vehicles before the earlier of within 12 months or 20,000km from Warranty Start Date. Limited number of required scheduled maintenance service visits over the Term based on service interval included in the Term as selected by the vehicle owner. LMPP balance is transferable (transfer fee may apply) if the vehicle is sold (Canadian plans cannot be transferred to US customers).
Some exclusions may apply, see your Lincoln retailer for full details.

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